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The new administration is amazing!!
Lacey O
I would like to RECOGNIZE ALL FACULTY in this facility for their tremendous effort in making my stay as comfortable as possible for the duration of my 2 week stay! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Joshua Smart
Very good PT there
John Hammonds
A nice visit with my friend. I enjoyed meeting the staff. I appreciate the help they are giving my friend. God bless them.
Steve Sweeney
This is one of the best facilities in Jacksonville my loved ones loves the staff.
Joshua Hardin-Givens
My Mom is a resident at this facility. I love seeing my mom engage in the activities offered The activity staff is wonderful and always treat the residents like family.
Dena Griner
Y'all are doing a good job with my momma
Mrs Marlow
This 5 star shoutout mainly reflects the therapy department! The care they gave my Mom was the best. After dealing with total incompetence at previous facilities in GA where she was for 3 months and told she’d probably never eat regular foods again as well as only thickened liquids because of her stroke…… was definitely worth it to get her back to Florida at this facility. Her therapy team was caring, loving and willing to do whatever it took to meet our goals. We cannot express how thankful we are for all they did. Mom is doing well and can eat a steak! . Thank you ladies! You are the best!
Annette L
Great experience. I heard bad things about this place from a friend. Boy was he wrong. I was in another facility then transferred here. This staff is so caring. I didn't meet anyone at this facility that wasnt nice and caring. They always took my vitals, made sure I had water. Everyone did their job. I was never ignored. They always took my blood pressure twice to make sure it was accurate came and checked on me all through the night. Very caring staff. Gonna miss this place. The cnas Ms Ruby and Ms Helen was the best.. they went out their way to help anyone. Great staff These people cared. Food was never enough wonder who they thought they were feeding 8 year olds. Staff is great. If I had to go there again I would.
John Gaffney
My Mother in law , Linda Lane was happy here . She said the staff was friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately she moved to a nursing facility on Max Leggett parkway where she passed away in just a few months. I wish she had stayed here where she received the proper medical care . She was only 70 and could walk and talk just fine. I feel if she had stayed at this facility, she would be with us today.
Herman Griffis
Jacksonville Nursing & Rehab, took very good care of my loved one. Not only was the nursing staff always kind and courteous, they showed respect and were highly skilled. I visited twice a day while my grandmother was there and never had any issues with cleanliness. Staff was always in the halls mopping or buffing the floors. We did have one mechanical issue, her bed was not working properly however maintenance visited the same day and was able to fix the problem in no time. The main reason of her stay was rehabilitation, and the rehab department did just that! They work diligently to ensure my grandmother could preform daily routines once she went home. I would highly recommend them to anyone. On a side note... the food is the same as most hospital and facilities, however I do give them props for being creative on flavors and not having the same thing twice during her stay! Definitely consider if needed!
Ian Broome
Jacksonville Nursing & Rehab is a great facility with strong nursing and rehab departments. The facility is welcoming to visitors and contributes to the community in many positive ways.
Grey Notermann
Fabulous rehab department! Great therapy outcomes with happy patients going home successfully. Convenient Northside location across from Baptist North ER off 295. This 5 star rated facility is Highly recommended for Short Term Rehab!
Dierdre Corliss
i just started here it’s very clean the residents are very happy and the staff work has a team
Johnathon Bailey
I am a current employee very happy with the team at Jacksonville Nursing and Rehab. When I leave work each day I know that the care and support that the team provides is increasing the quality of life for all residents.
Greg Forbes
Jacksonville Nursing and Rehabilitation center is filled with compassionate staff providing outstanding care. Thank you for being Fantastic!
Michelle Jester
Great care, loving and compassionate staff, amazing therapy team! I have seen many residents make great gains and return to their prior level of function ultimately returning home. They have physicians in the building 5 days per week.
Joi Copeland
The staff was great the place is very clean nice place for love ones
Samuel York
They are so caring for the clients and their families. Thank you for the Halloween fun, trick or treating was fantastic, to see the clients smiling and passing out candy was very nice.
Tina Brown Macmullen
JNRC is a great facility. It does work hard to provide a caring place to rehab or receive care people can't get at home. Despite a few disgruntled employees who may have been let go for not following the rules, it is a good facility.
Shanon Cross
It a very kind and loving place and in the end all they trying to do it make there residents happy and feel at home
Shannice Miyu Underwood